The latest recyclable nylon comes out

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Recently, DuPont and evonikdegussa launched nylon, which is flexible, translucent and semi crystalline. The annual growth rate of PE demand in India will reach 129%, based on 100% recyclable sebacic acid extracted from castor oil

dupont and ev measure the output of the amplifier unit. Nylon 1010 introduced by onikdegussa can be used as a bridge between nylon 12 and nylon 1212, and between nylon 6 and nylon 66. It has advantages in oil resistance and polar liquid resistance, and can provide better contact clarity. Nylon 1010 alloy provided by Evonik Degussa has better translucency, and its performance and price are similar to nylon 11 or nylon 12. Unreinforced grade is used to extrude hoses, such as fuel lines; The enhanced grade is used for manual electronic equipment. Both companies have launched nylon 610, which contains 60% - 63% (mass fraction) sebacic acid extracted from castor oil. Its performance is between nylon 612 and nylon 6, and it works together with nylon 66. Its price is similar to that of nylon 612. It is mainly used to produce filaments, which can meet the requirements of exposure to high heat environment

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