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Yutai USB converter interface definition

with the development of high technology, various machine devices with different brand agreements are continuously developed and applied in the industry field, but after all, the interface definitions produced by different manufacturers are different, which are incompatible with other device interfaces, resulting in inability to communicate. For example, we often hear people sigh that the configuration interface of the computer is not enough. How nice it is to have an additional USB converter interface and rs232/485 converter interface. While pursuing high technology, people require fashion, simplicity and beauty, which saves a lot of interface converters. Some mainboards do not provide many USB interfaces, or some users need to connect many USB interface devices at the same time

in recent 18) Appendix A (Appendix A of 1996 version) has been canceled. With the popularity of a large number of personal computers and various digital devices supporting USB, USB has gradually become the standard interface of PC, which is the general trend. However, some large-scale devices are not configured with USB interface and cannot communicate when connecting the client. What should we do? At this time, you need to buy a USB to RS232 converter or a USB to rs485/422 converter to convert data and information to achieve normal communication

with the rapid popularization of USB serial port, USB converter has been greatly applied, and USB has been extended to all corners of society. Compared with RS232 serial port communication and rs485/422 bus communication, USB has backward compatibility standard, and has the versatility and plug and play function of traditional USB technology

with the continuous development of PC industry, USB interface is gradually replacing all kinds of low-speed peripheral interfaces of old PC. however, at present, many important devices in industrial environment still use RS-232 interface design, so many users use USB to RS-232 converter to realize data transmission between PC and RS-232 devices

ut-2003b is a general usb/rs-232 interface converter, which can convert single end USB signal into UART RS-232 signal without external power supply and n-capacity USB and RS-232 standards. The RS-232 end is connected through DB9 male connector. The converter is equipped with zero delay automatic transceiver conversion, and the unique i/o circuit automatically controls the direction of data flow, plug and play Ensure that it is suitable for all existing communication software and interface hardware

ut-2003b interface converter can be point-to-point communication connection and data communication rate 6kbps, with power indicator and data flow indicator, which can indicate fault conditions. The supported communication mode is USB to RS-232 conversion

you can use the USB converter of Yutai utek to conveniently and quickly realize the function of USB to RS232 and USB to rs485/422 communication. USB is an external bus standard, which is used to regulate the connection and communication between computers and external devices. The USB interface supports the plug and play and hot plug functions of the device

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