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The intelligent "upgrade" of 2232 street lamps in Siming District involves five residential areas and six plots. The new street lamps in shiting road have been transformed. Photographed by Pengyi County, the dim and old street lamps have disappeared and replaced by bright smart street lamps. Recently, 2232 streetlights in 5 old residential areas and 6 plots in Siming District have been transformed to provide suitable materials: metal, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.), which not only has high illumination, but also saves the operation of plastic granulator and covers a wide range of fields, which can be environmentally friendly

seeing the new street lights on at the door of his house, Lao Zhang, who lives in shiting community, repeatedly praised: "in the past, the street lights in the community were dim and dark everywhere. Now there are new street lights, which are bright everywhere. When you go out at night, you don't worry about stepping on empty."

2232 street lights intelligent "upgrade"

it is understood that many communities and back streets and alleys in Xiamen Island have been built earlier, and it has been 20 or 30 years. Some street lamp supporting facilities have reached their service life, and many street lamp facilities have serious aging, damage and safety hazards, which bring inconvenience to residents' life and travel

as one of the practical projects for the people, Siming District has transformed and upgraded the street lamps in the old residential areas and back streets. At present, the upgrading project has been basically completed, and a total of 2232 street lamps have been upgraded

the street lamp renovation and upgrading project involves two bid sections in Siming District. Among them, bid section a involves five old communities, including shiting community, Zhenxing new village, Lianhua Fifth Village, betel nut community and jinjiting community; Bid section B involves 6 plots and nearly 100 back streets and alleys, including Wenping Road, Wenta Road, Meihu East Road, meitoushan Road, jiaobin Road, Xiaoxue Road, Bailu Road, Xinghua Road, etc

realize point-to-point single lamp control

at about 18 o'clock the day before yesterday, I saw in shiting community that the originally dim street lamps have taken on a new look, although bright, but not dazzling. Resident Lao Zhang said that in the past, the street lights were dark, and sometimes they were covered by leaves, so the road could not be seen clearly. Now he has a new street lamp, and he is relieved to go out at night

it is learned that the street lamps after this transformation adopt LED light sources with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and the lighting effect is good. At the same time, the IOT technology and the single lamp control system are used to realize the monitoring and statistics of fault alarm, GPS positioning and street lamp operation parameters, making the daily maintenance of yaw ⑵ 000 microcomputer controlled cylinder pressure testing machine more efficient

the relevant staff in charge of construction told that in the past, the staff could only monitor a whole row of street lights on the computer system. If a single street lamp is not on, it can only be inspected manually. After using the single lamp control system, when oneortwo street lamps are not on, the system will show that the daily maintenance is more efficient than the traditional manual inspection

too bright street lights affect the rest of surrounding residents, which is also a problem reflected more. Mr. Lin, a resident of Zhenxing new village, said that the street lights in the community with outstanding Jinan trial service were installed outside his window. Sometimes the street lights were too bright and dazzling. After the reconstruction of the road section, this problem will be resolved

according to the introduction, the staff can remotely control the switch and brightness of a single street lamp through the background system to achieve on-demand lighting. If a certain light affects the residents' rest at night, the staff can dim or turn off the light remotely. (Haixi morning post pengyijun)

(original title: 2232 smart street lamps light up the way home

the reconstruction of street lamps in five old residential areas and nearly 100 back streets and alleys in Siming District has been completed, which is both environmental protection and fault alarm)

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