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QR Code: the interface between printing and networking

QR code is a square black-and-white block (in English, quickresponsecodes, i.e. quick response codes). It is not a new thing in the market, but it is more and more widely used in delivering additional information of printed matter. Nowadays, printed matter can transmit additional information with QR code. QR code is quite eye-catching in advertisements, posters, leaflets, catalogues, product packaging, promotional gifts and other printed products

it has been 20 years since the introduction of QR code in Germany. It was originally invented by a Japanese bar code and card reading equipment manufacturing company. The real challenge of applying QR code today is to effectively integrate this technology into marketing or publicity activities to facilitate the interaction and communication with customers or participants. The use of QR code is of referential significance to the current digital printing enterprises and online printing platforms facing the public

small codes play a big role

two dimensional pixel graphics with different information are hidden behind the codes. Compared with the traditional bar codes that are mostly digital combinations used in supermarkets, QR codes can encode a large amount of information. This information includes text, address data, numbers, e-mail, geographic data, etc. For example, the smart camera connected to the software (QR code reader) can be used as a scanner to decode, and the stored information can be viewed on the page browser. QR code can also be used to send text messages or read contact data from business cards and save it in the address book. What's more, after scanning the QR code, you can open the video of product demonstration or directly link to the store of the enterprise

according to the survey of the famous comScore market research company in the United States, as of December 2012, about 31million people in Germany had intelligence. The number of people who have the technical possibility of accessing QR code is increasing, and they are the target audience of advertising information. According to statistics, consumers today give a good evaluation of this kind of cross media extended dialogue using QR code. This shows that QR code has great potential for marketing

from the appearance, QR code with pixel graphics is not very attractive. In fact, it often arouses the curiosity of observers. QR code is applied in a variety of places. Where is the best place to use it? In 2012, Nielsen Media Research Institute conducted a survey on QR code advertising. The results showed that 83% of respondents thought that QR codes in advertisements and magazines were eye-catching, 70% of respondents noticed QR codes on product packaging, and 64% of respondents noticed QR codes on posters. 39% and 34% of the participants scanned QR codes on the page and elsewhere, respectively. The Market Research Institute asked you what information you want from scanning QR code. 81% of the respondents answered that they want to get relevant product information, 44% of the respondents want to link to the home page of the product manufacturer, 26% of the respondents expect other information, 20% of the respondents participate in the lottery game through QR code, and only 9% of the respondents said that they have no specific goals. The development of new chemical fiber materials is gradually becoming the main theme of the industry

when advertising companies use QR codes, users can benefit from them, improve their attention to goods, and even arouse their desire to buy. The data stored in QR code is an effective medium to establish contact with the target group that should be adjusted or cleaned and improve contact with customers. A new generation of smart or PDA (handheld computer) can use advertisers to provide network-based information. QR code marketing results can be evaluated through corresponding analysis tools

there are skills in using QR code

wrong QR code is harmful to users. A German supplier of network security, memory and system management solutions warned that if the QR code printed on the billboard is covered by a label with the wrong QR code, the liquid level of the scanning medium of the intelligent user should be about 30mm lower than the workbench, and malicious software may be installed by mistake after use. Therefore, experts suggest to users that the manual man-made wood universal experimental machine features: QR code reader is used, and the reader can display the details of the target, at least the page address, before forwarding to the target. For suspicious links, users must not jump easily

despite the above potential hazards, QR code still has indisputable advantages in modern communication combination. Before carrying out marketing activities with QR code, it is important to put yourself in the interests of customers and completely and accurately target the target group. How can we provide value-added services to customers, and how can we actually help customers? This is a question that needs to be answered

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