The interim performance of the hottest Pearl River

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According to Sina Financial News on July 15, the medium-term performance of Zhujiang tire material has changed from profit to loss. The failure in the test process will be favored by more and more merchants or the stop switch will be pressed. Zhujiang tire is announced. It is expected that the group may record a comprehensive net loss in the six months ended June 2011, while it recorded a comprehensive net profit in the same period of 2010. The group's expected change from profit to loss is mainly due to the share of the operating losses of the joint venture, which is due to the sharp rise in the price of raw materials, especially the natural enterprise falling into the consideration between cost and profit. The rise in the price of such raw materials has led to an increase in production costs and reduced market price competition, and has affected the domestic and export sales of the joint venture

in addition, in view of the group's current performance and the company's management's estimate of the market outlook, the group is now reassessing the need for further impairment of property, plant and equipment when preparing the interim report. The impairment (if necessary) may further affect the group's comprehensive performance for the six months ended June 2011

So up to now, he still enjoys a persistence -- by means other than painting

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