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Intelligent tire production is in line with the trend

it is understood that robot technology has taken the lead in logistics and intelligent production among foreign leading tire enterprises. Intellectualization has been unanimously pursued by domestic and foreign tire enterprises, and intelligent tire production is the general trend

international giants compete to develop intelligent technology

it is understood that in terms of production logistics automation, global tire giants have invested heavily in improving relevant systems, including Finland cimcorp logistics automation system, Hantai logistics management system, Goodyear fully automated warehousing operation system, Apollo logistics management system, etc., which are mature logistics automation systems

take cimcorp logistics automation system in Finland as an example, which now covers a variety of automatic operation procedures, such as tire picking control system, fully automatic quantitative picking system, fully automatic embryo processing and storage system, fully automatic grinding, storage, pallet shipping system, etc. From tire molding to finished products being loaded on trucks, the system can realize the whole process automation

it is understood that robots are playing an increasingly important role in intelligent tire production. In this process, enterprises can not only reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency, but also effectively reduce energy consumption and pollution

in the field of intelligent production, most of the giants in the tire industry have developed their own unique production technologies, such as Michelin c3m technology, Pirelli Mirs technology, Sumitomo Taiyo production system, Goodyear impact production technology, Bridgestone bird production system and actas fully automatic production system, mainland MMP technology and comilifecycle technology, and so on

Pirelli officials introduced to tire world that it has successfully developed the second generation of building block integrated automation system, which is expected to be put into use in 2015. In addition, Sumitomo is also focusing on the research and development of a new generation of processing processes and applying them to a wider range of fields such as flat tires and truck tires

intelligent production of domestic enterprises starts.

fan Rende, former president of China Rubber Industry Association, said during an inspection of a domestic tire enterprise that improving the production automation level of tire enterprises that can also choose automatic sampling devices for wheels is a global trend, and Chinese tire enterprises must seriously consider this problem

after the Ministry of science and Technology issued the 12th Five Year special plan for the development of intelligent manufacturing technology and the 12th Five Year special plan for the development of service robot technology in 2012, insiders have predicted that the robot industry will become a new large-scale high-tech industry in China, and its rapid development will also drive related industries to enter intelligent production rapidly

some insiders said that although there is a big gap with the international tire giants to make full use of the original strength of composite materials, with the rapid development of the tire industry, domestic tire enterprises also generally recognize the advantages of intelligence, and the intelligent production of some backbone enterprises has been in the initial and gradual improvement stage

it is understood that a subsidiary of soft control Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of cooperation solutions that automatically resolve and achieve long-term stability with robot technology as the core. Since 2010, the company has successfully developed the rubber tire handling robot and intelligent conveying system, which has filled the domestic gap. The technology is also leading in the world, and has played a great role in promoting the intelligent development of the domestic rubber tire industry. The selection of equipment is from 40kN to 300KN

as a major province in the development of tire industry, Shandong rubber tire industry is entering a new stage of automatic and intelligent production. Li Yong, deputy general manager of Shuangxing group, said when introducing the company's new project: through the automatic operation of industrial robots, the new production line will save 1/3 of manpower

Li Yong said that Qingdao Shuangxing will vigorously promote robots in the future to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption through informatization, intelligence and automation

it is reported that in addition to Qingdao Shuangxing, triangle, Fengshen, shuangqian and other well-known domestic tire enterprises have also invested huge funds and energy in order to narrow the gap with foreign tire giants in automated and intelligent production

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