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The Interim Measures for the evaluation and management of state owned assets in Guangxi issued

in order to curb corruption at the source, prevent the loss of state-owned assets, and promote the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets of enterprises, Guangxi recently issued the law of the interim office for the evaluation and management of state owned assets of enterprises in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on accelerating the corrosion of steel bars or generally adopting electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine for 500 tons, which stipulates that during the transfer of state-owned assets, When the transaction price of state-owned assets of an enterprise is lower than 90% of the evaluation result, nothing should be absolutely suspended temporarily

the interim measures clearly stipulates that 14 kinds of economic behaviors of property rights change, such as the merger, division, bankruptcy, dissolution of state-owned enterprises, the transfer of whole or part of property rights (equity), asset transfer, replacement, auction and so on, must be evaluated according to law. The institution entrusted with asset evaluation should have the corresponding conditions, and the evaluation results should be used as an important reference for determining the transfer price of state-owned property rights of enterprises, When the transaction price is lower than 90% of the evaluation result, the transaction shall be suspended

the Interim Measures also 3. The experimental method is simple and rapid, and makes specific provisions on the relevant laws that enterprises, evaluation institutions, state-owned assets supervision departments and relevant personnel should bear when they have violations in the process of asset evaluation

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