The hottest XCMG machinery will raise 41.6 billion

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On December 27, XCMG machinery issued an announcement saying that the company's application for non-public offering of A-shares had been approved. According to the announcement, the fixed increase scale of the company will not exceed 4.16 billion yuan, the lock-in period is 3 years, and the issue price is 3.12 yuan/share. Industry insiders believe that through this fixed increase, XCMG machinery will continue to make efforts in the intelligent manufacturing of high-end equipment, and create a new business card of made in China with the new development mode of "intelligent manufacturing to the sea"

emerging businesses provide growth impetus

since the third quarter of 2017, the demand of the construction machinery industry has shown the characteristics of "not light in the off-season", and the sales of construction machinery products represented by excavators have maintained a rapid growth rate. According to the data provided by the Construction Machinery Association, the sales volume of domestic excavators in the first three quarters of 2017 was 102000, an increase of 100.2% year-on-year. XCMG machinery, as a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry, not only accounts for half of China's truck crane industry, but also focuses on the development of high-end manufacturing industry, with great growth in emerging sectors such as foundation piles, sanitation, aerial work platforms and so on

the company's third quarter report in 2017 showed that in the first three quarters, the company's operating revenue was 21.54 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 78.2%, and its net profit reached 780 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.7 times. Among them, emerging businesses provide a strong driving force for growth. The market share of the company's rotary drilling rig and directional drilling products is more than 40%; The sales volume of sanitation equipment increased by nearly 60% year-on-year, and its comprehensive market share ranked among the top three in the industry

"this additional issuance can also see the strength of XCMG machinery in emerging businesses." An industry analyst from Guotai Junan told the author that the purpose of the raised funds of XCMG machinery is mainly for seven major projects, including three high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing projects, including intelligent underground space construction, aerial work platforms, etc

in terms of the aerial work platform located in Jilin City, the author learned that this platform is an effective substitute for the traditional aerial work method, and the more developed the area, the higher the penetration rate. "According to the development experience of developed countries, duckweed is not needed in this process. In the next few years, the domestic aerial work platform industry will enter a period of rapid development." A person in charge of XCMG machinery said that based on the optimistic prediction of the development of the aerial work platform market, the company incorporated the aerial work platform into the 13th five year development strategy, and will quickly enter the aerial work platform industry by taking advantage of the capital advantages and the industrial foundation of the construction machinery industry, and realize the rapid expansion of business in terms of product scale, improve the overall competitiveness and expand the development space of the company

steady progress in internationalization strategy

according to the announcement, the funds raised by XCMG machinery this time will also be used for the company's "smart manufacturing to the sea". Among the seven projects mentioned above, "Indian construction machinery manufacturing base investment project" has attracted market attention

"the main purpose of this fixed increase is to expand the international market, improve the regional influence along the" one pressure testing machine selection precautions take one road "and realize the leap forward development of international business." Wang Huajun, an analyst at Zhongtai securities, believes that the "the Belt and Road" countries are the core market of XCMG machinery. In addition, the company has become one of the few manufacturers that can manufacture super large and high-end mining excavators and mining trucks. Its equipment is exported to many overseas countries and has entered the core market blocked by foreign brands

various experimental models "as the industry leader, XCMG machinery is one of the first enterprises to implement the international development strategy." The person in charge of the above company said that under the call of the "the Belt and Road" initiative and the national "going global" strategy, XCMG machinery, based on the first industrial property big data platform independently developed in China, has created a new development model of "smart manufacturing to the sea", truly achieving "zero distance" global service

the person in charge also told the author that with the technological progress of China's construction machinery products, the continuous strengthening of competitiveness and the adjustment of the domestic market, it is imperative for China's construction machinery enterprises to "go global" to participate in international competition. "To invest and build factories in India, serve the Indian construction machinery market, and radiate to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions, give full play to the company's technical and service advantages, and improve the company's local market share is an important measure for the company to realize its internationalization strategy."

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