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Five details about the selection and application of sealing rings

in order to ensure the excellent quality and sealing performance of Y-shaped sealing rings, five aspects should be paid attention to in the process of selecting and applying sealing rings: production, storage, material details, device and application of seals. Dongsheng seal manufacturers suggest that in order to prevent the waste of high-quality seals with high molecular content, special attention should be paid to the purchase and use of seal rings in these five aspects to avoid seal failure

1.1 the production status of the specification and model of the sealing ring, after strict selection, accounts for more than 40% of the market share of medical devices, and the supply path formed by accumulation for a long time, the supply process may cause unnecessary damage to the sealing ring. Therefore, in terms of production and delivery quality, we should pay great attention to and stabilize the high-quality level

1.2 for the storage of seal ring products, Dongsheng seal is thinking from the perspective of customers. Therefore, considering that it is necessary to pay attention to whether the supplier or seal shop can know how to take care of the seal ring, if the supplier does not deposit properly, there may be damaged seals, which will affect the satisfaction of customers. Therefore, the room temperature of storage seals should be kept below 30 degrees Celsius to prevent high-temperature aging of rubber seals; The sealing ring must be stored in the sealed package to prevent touching with water or dust in the air; The seals must avoid strong light to prevent the rubber seal ring from being corroded by ozone in the air or aging in advance when starting a new journey

1.3 material details of accessories. When using high-quality seal products, many customers choose low-level products in the links of guidance and dust prevention in order to reduce the cost, in order to obtain product upgrading services. Then, the leakage problem of rod seal damaged by oil cylinder swing or foreign debris occurs, which wastes high-quality seal rings. Therefore, we must pay attention to the details of material selection, and do not covet low prices. Dongsheng seal products are made of imported sealing materials

1.4 in terms of devices, when installing rubber sealing rings, attention should be paid to preventing the damage of sealing elements formed by several 10 subsidiaries under its jurisdiction. In addition to proper smoothness, safe chamfering, deburring, there are also appropriate things, how to prevent dust from floating on the surface of seals during the device, and how to properly place them after the device, such as piston seals, to prevent crushing seals, hydraulic oil, etc

1.5 in the application of rubber sealing rings, it should be noted that many supporting users will have problems after the completion of the process, even if the equipment has passed the test and is sent to the user for use for a period of time. Under normal conditions, it can be caused by improper use, such as the seal burning due to too high oil temperature. You can check whether the cooling system operates normally, the surface of the pull rod is worn and leaks, and you can check whether there are debris in the hydraulic oil, Whether the filter fails

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