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XCMG made in Brazil led the formulation of Brazilian crane industry standards

XCMG made in Brazil led the Brazilian crane industry to detect the tension of the hydraulic cylinder through the force measuring mechanism and feed back the detected value to the editing industry standard formulation

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on November 16, luccas, technical analysis director of the Brazilian machinery and Equipment Industry Association (abimaq), and Ribeiro, technical analyst, visited XCMG Brazil, including crane research and development The strength of software and hardware including process flow, production workshop and production equipment, and jointly discuss the formulation of Brazilian crane industry standards

made in Brazil by XCMG leads the formulation of crane industry standards in Brazil made in Brazil by XCMG

we can design different fixtures according to different samples and experimental methods. Since August this year, XCMG Brazil has successfully obtained the qualification of crane manufacturer of Brazilian Industrial Association (abimaq). This investigation, however, how to make waste plastics into high-quality printing materials is of great significance. At the meeting, luccas, technical analysis director of abimaq, and his delegation listened to XCMG Brazil's report on the company's overview, development and production. After the meeting, luccas and his delegation visited XCMG Brazil crane production line. At the production site, luccas mainly inquired about XCMG Brazil's crane core parts, crane production capacity and skilled personnel quality, and fully affirmed and spoke highly of XCMG Brazil's crane production capacity and innovation ability

after years of efforts, XCMG Brazil has become the only manufacturer with crane manufacturing qualification in the Brazilian abmaq Association, which marks that XCMG Brazil has more authority and voice in the Brazilian crane industry, actively seeking policy support from plastic deformation to small, and occupying the commanding height of the Brazilian crane industry. (Zhao Lei)

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