Five countermeasures to eliminate white pollution

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Five countermeasures to eliminate "white pollution" in East Zoucheng City

first, the government formulates preferential policies to vigorously support environmental protection production of motorcycles, laptops, and pipelines. The twists and turns of Zui after the sample of the exhibition is broken are not counted as production enterprises. Give guidance and support to environmental protection public welfare undertakings in terms of technology, capital and policy as much as possible, support enterprises producing environmental protection products with low interest or interest free loans, and provide a loose living environment for alternative production enterprises

the second is to improve the regulations on eliminating white pollution in our city, which will not be repeated here, and formulate penalties and provisions to be bound by the legal system

the third is to strengthen publicity and education, change people's unreasonable lifestyle and consumption, reject "white pollution such as sticky soft rubber on the surface in contact with the sample", and fundamentally "break" the market of disposable foamed plastic tableware and non degradable plastic bags. At the same time, learn from the effective experience of foreign countries, through legal and economic means, change the bad habits of littering, classify the garbage, and promote the recycling of disposable foaming tableware

fourth, the elimination of "white pollution" should be included in the daily work of all departments and relevant units, and the target system should be implemented. Environmental protection, sanitation, industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments carry out joint law enforcement from time to time

fifth, strengthen law enforcement and punishment intensity, crack down on the source, expand the coverage of law enforcement, and the relevant departments jointly carry out strike actions at the same time

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