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Five elements of choosing healthy and environmental protection lamps

the development of modern home furnishings is accelerating, and lamps are no longer just tools to provide lighting. Lamps and lanterns not only illuminate our home, but also set off the atmosphere. It can be said that lamps and lanterns play an important role in modern home. However, with the development of home furnishings, it is more and more difficult for consumers to choose lamps and lanterns. What principles should we pay attention to when choosing lamps? Now I will share with you

safety comes first

in home life, safe lighting is our first consideration. Without the guarantee of safety, other highlights cannot become the advantages of lighting fixtures. Therefore, safety should be a primary consideration for consumers, especially users with children at home

the home environment is diverse, and the higher the heat resistance requirements of the lamp on the insulation materials (such as glass wool) in the interlayer of the box wall, the different requirements are. To provide safe lighting, we must choose lamps suitable for the home environment. No matter what environment it is used in, lamps and lanterns should meet safety standards, especially if the requirements for lamps and lanterns in toilets and kitchens are higher, products with higher waterproof and dustproof levels should be selected

if there are children at home, the lamps should not be easy to be contacted. The electric shock caused by lamps is generally caused by the use of lamp holders or lamps that do not meet the requirements, and the live parts are not covered with protective measures against electric shock. It is better not to choose products with sharp parts for art lamps to try to ensure that children will not be in danger

generally speaking, lamps from larger manufacturers will have relevant safety standards and provide after-sales service. It is easier for us to choose big brands with good reputation

convenience has advantages

lamps and lanterns at home inevitably need to be scrubbed or replaced after long-term use, and the advantages of lamps and lanterns that are easy to clean and tidy are reflected

the use of lamps and lanterns should match the overall decoration of the home, and should be configured in combination with the indoor area, the number of furniture and the corresponding size. For example, the small living room below 12 square meters should adopt ceiling lamps or wall lamps with a diameter of less than 200 mm. The number and size of lamps should be appropriate to avoid overcrowding and inconvenience in home life

energy conservation and environmental protection

now people have a stronger awareness of energy conservation. Energy-saving lamps not only slide the experimental belt and transmission belt during the experimental process, which not only reduces our electricity bill, but also contributes to low-carbon environmental protection. It is also a wise choice to choose energy-saving lamps with the development of Mini family

a simple way to select energy-saving lamps is to check the rated power of lamps. The unit of lamp power is watt (referred to as Watt, w). The power consumption of lamps with lower total wattage is lower than that of lamps with higher total wattage. Some products are marked with "section", which indicates that the product has been approved by the bid winning center and is also the certification of lamp index safety index

another thing to note is that although the wattage of energy-saving lamps is relatively low and the price is relatively reasonable, there is mercury vapor in the energy-saving lamps, which causes great environmental pollution. Therefore, users with conditions can choose LED lamps for home lighting. Although the price is higher than other lamps, the power is lower, the service life is longer, and the environmental protection is also better

beautiful style

beautiful appearance. Lamps with sufficient light can represent the current focus and add luster to our home life in setting. Using lamps with beautiful shapes is also a good way to beautify the home environment. There are many kinds of household lamps and lanterns, and different consumers have different preferences. Different users have different styles and color combinations. Whether it is a chandelier or a ceiling lamp, we only need to choose what we like when choosing beautiful lamps and lanterns

the style of lamps should be selected according to their actual needs and personal preferences. If you pay attention to the practicality of the lamp, you should choose black, crimson and other dark colored ceiling lamps or floor lamps with edges. If you pay attention to decoration and pursue modern style, you can choose lively lighting. If you like lamps with national characteristics, you can choose sculpture floor lamps

the color of lamps should be coordinated with the decoration style of the home environment. The layout of room lighting must take into account the style of furniture in the room, the color of the wall and the color of household appliances, otherwise the lighting is inconsistent with the overall tone of the room, which will be self defeating. For example, if the color of indoor wallpaper is light, it should use warm incandescent lamp as the light source, so as to create a bright and soft light environment

function diversification

with the development of technology, the functions of lamps and lanterns also want to develop in a diversified direction, and intelligent lighting has also begun to enter our families. Many lamps and lanterns provide a variety of functions, some of which are designed for entertainment, some for remote control, and so on

when choosing lamps and lanterns, we may encounter that adding a part of the money can get some additional functions, which requires us to choose and buy on the basis of our own actual situation to make our life more fashionable and comfortable

lamps and lanterns are the highlight of our home life, so we must not be careless when shopping. It is easy to see that although there are many different kinds of lamps, it is not difficult to choose a satisfactory lamp. The above five elements are the focus of choosing lamps and lanterns, and we should make reasonable use of them when choosing. If coupled with modern home decoration, our home life will be better

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