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XCMG main battlefield! Intelligent manufacturing reshapes the new pattern of manufacturing competition

XCMG main battlefield! Intelligent manufacturing reshapes the new pattern of manufacturing competition

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<(1) formulate policies and measures P> "intelligent manufacturing has become the main battlefield for the high-quality development of advanced manufacturing industry". On November 18, at the 2019 national manufacturing power construction expert Forum (Quanzhou) hosted by the national manufacturing power construction strategic advisory committee, Luchuan, President of XCMG machinery, expressed his judgment frankly

how to use intelligence to transform Jung into a first-rate content-based upgrade of China's traditional manufacturing industry

At the expert forum, many industry experts and representatives gave solutions around the development trend of intelligent manufacturing, the intelligent transformation and digital upgrading of traditional enterprises, and the improvement of the core competitiveness of enterprises

Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, Zhou Ji, director of the national manufacturing power construction strategic advisory committee, and Lin Baojin, vice governor of the people's Government of Fujian Province attended the opening ceremony of the forum and delivered a speech. p>

intelligent manufacturing is the trend of traditional manufacturing, although image data suggest that bone connection is the main battlefield. For a long time, in the eyes of many foreigners, the Chinese manufacturing industry has given the impression that it is like a "big factory" that produces and processes products for global companies. All kinds of products labeled "made in China" have gone to the world market from here, and there is little innovation. But today, this situation is beginning to change

Zhou Ji, director of the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee, stressed that traditional manufacturing is not equal to overcapacity, low-end industries, nor sunset industries

as a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry, XCMG is responsible for more than intelligent transformation. For XCMG, taking intelligent manufacturing as its main direction of attack, it strengthens the value role of data, which is reflected in the fact that through the digitization of product research and development and manufacturing process, it can truly create high-end, highly reliable intelligent products, provide customers with full life cycle digital services, fully integrate digital and intelligent technologies into these key areas, and accelerate towards a higher stage of intelligent manufacturing development

the carrier of high-quality development of manufacturing industry is the manufacturing link, which is connected with R & D and service, and is the 'main battlefield' that determines the production efficiency and product quality of enterprises. " Lu Chuan said, "XCMG's intelligent manufacturing practice can be summarized as' one hard, one soft, one platform 'intelligent upgrading with data as the center."

at the 2019 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, XCMG heavy won the 2019 national intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprise, and is the only enterprise selected in the industry. In addition, there are many honors such as the intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the first batch of intelligent factories in Jiangsu Province

this is only a microcosm of XCMG's accelerated intelligent transformation. At present, XCMG has achieved equipment interconnection, broken the "factory black box" and spoke the truth; Break through key manufacturing processes and independently develop core manufacturing equipment; Strive to build a quality big data platform and create a new pattern of quality assurance; And apply machine learning to install "industrial brain" on machines

"in the future, intelligent manufacturing will 'reshape' the new pattern of manufacturing competition." Lu Chuan said that with the concept of openness, sharing and co construction, building an "alliance force" and building an intelligent manufacturing development ecosystem will be a major issue facing XCMG and the entire equipment manufacturing industry

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