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XCMG mixing plant is favored by the compilation of 13 national military standards by the youth to help the construction of Nanjing urban area

XCMG mixing plant is favored to help. Therefore, the construction of Nanjing urban area

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recently, there was another good news from XCMG Shi Weiying. XCMG concrete machinery won the first-line market and won the order of 6 hzs270k mixing plants. The XCMG mixing plant machinery purchased by the customer will be located near the Third Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing after completion, providing services for the construction of the North District of Nanjing and helping the new development of the urban area of Nanjing

XCMG concrete machinery is a new integration of schweiying technology, and its mixing station products are recognized by more and more customers with the characteristics of "safety, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving". Nanjing, as a city with high requirements for environmental protection and product performance, has demonstrated its recognition and trust in XCMG brand since purchasing four simple and easy-to-use mixing software in 2014, which can improve users' operation experience. In the face of fierce market competition, XCMG concrete mixing plant continues to improve the type spectrum and optimize the adaptability of products. At present, it has 7 basic series, including standard commercial mixing station, standard environmental protection station, engineering bucket lifting station, and town spirit, including 33 basic products, a variety of variant products, and the volume covers cubic meters. With various combinations and efficient performance, we provide customers with high-quality and reliable concrete construction solutions

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