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Five directions for the reform of the operation and management mode of private mold enterprises

at present, the scale of private mold enterprises in China is small. How to adhere to the specialized production path of small and specialized, small and refined, small and special? In Wang Jinling's view, we should determine the product and market positioning of the enterprise according to the market demand and the conditions of the enterprise's technology, capital, equipment and so on, and concentrate on gradually forming our own technological and product advantages. In China's mold industry, the number of private enterprises accounts for a large proportion. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 6000 private mold enterprises in Zhejiang Province alone, with a mold output value of up to 6billion yuan a year. With the improvement of the production technology level of the mold industry, the improvement of equipment conditions and the expansion of production scale, as well as the increasingly fierce competition in the mold market at home and abroad, how to further strengthen and improve the management of private mold enterprises on the existing basis, five problems are worth studying and exploring in practice

first, the production management mode of private mold enterprises needs to be reformed

the management mode of enterprises is not unchanging, but constantly changing with the development of productivity and the improvement of technical level. In the past, the production equipment of these mold enterprises was several ordinary turning, milling, planing and drilling machines, vice and grinder, and a locksmith with several apprentices, implementing the contract system from beginning to end. Most mold enterprises in Europe, the United States and other countries are also small enterprises with 30 ~ 50 people, but with the improvement of solar energy and battery efficiency, the application level of d/cam is high, there are many numerical control processing equipment, the accuracy of mold parts is guaranteed by advanced processing equipment, workers operate strictly according to the process, and the processing of each mold part is in place. Finally, the decoration workload of fitters is very small. In a mold factory with about 50 people, there are generally only 2 ~ 3 fitters for assembly. Hardware is the key to the development of mold enterprises. In order to develop rapidly, many domestic enterprises have purchased many advanced and expensive equipment. A lot of investment, but not necessarily someone will use it. The use of advanced equipment requires not only high-quality talents, but also sufficient orders in order to make the best use of materials, otherwise the imported equipment will be idle and become a burden. When conditions are not mature, mold enterprises do not need to invest too much cost in purchasing equipment, and equipment is enough. Mold enterprises with good cad/cam application can gradually reform the existing contract production management mode from the perspective of improving economic benefits. At present, many enterprises are purchasing ERP systems, but these enterprises are mold enterprises with a certain scale, which are the key to equipment, such as Nanjing NAC mold equipment Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Huizhong Molding Co., Ltd. not all mold enterprises need such systems. Wuxi Guosheng precision mould Co., Ltd. once studied the advanced management concept of foreign-funded enterprises, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, and jointly developed with Nanjing University of aerospace and aeronautics, developed a C4P integrated system of CAD, CAE, cam and cat with PDM as the core, which further realized the integration of CAD, PDM and ERP, improved the speed and control ability of mould design and manufacturing, and improved the R & D ability of products

second, the family management and employment mechanism of private enterprises need to be reformed

in the past, we accumulated funds through hard work, bought equipment and built factories, which has a certain scale, which is the result of the joint efforts of family members. Up to now, many enterprises still have a husband as the general manager and a wife as the chairman or chief accountant. In the face of the new environment of fierce market competition, the improvement of enterprise technology and equipment conditions, and the expansion of enterprise scale, it seems to be out of date to continue to use the past family management and pro appointment mechanism. Therefore, private enterprises should also appoint people to be virtuous and only use them. Talented people should be responsible for the production management, technical management and marketing management of the enterprise. To truly achieve it, as long as you have the ability and can create benefits for the enterprise, you should also entrust important tasks to your relatives. Shopping malls are like battlefields. People with management and technical skills should be placed in important positions. Only by putting them in their positions and seeking their own policies can enterprises be run well and remain invincible in the fierce market competition. How to retain talents in mold enterprises is also a problem worth discussing. Talent does not flow, a backwater, is not conducive to the growth and role of talent. However, talent flow is too frequent, and it is not conducive to the accumulation of staff experience and skills and the development of the enterprise. Judging from the current situation, the managers and factory directors of mold enterprises should think about retaining people in career, treatment and feelings, and find ways to retain those who are really capable

third, mold enterprises should adhere to the specialized production path of small and specialized, small and refined, small and special

according to the market demand and the enterprise's technology, capital, equipment and other conditions, accurately establish their own product positioning and market positioning is the problem that the current mold enterprises need to pay attention to. Most of China's mold enterprises are self-produced and equipped tool and mold workshop branches, and most of the professional mold factories are large and complete, small and complete organizational forms. In order to achieve the purpose of business, any mold order may be accepted. Most foreign mold enterprises determine their product positioning and market positioning around the mold needs of automotive, electronics, medical and other industries. In order to survive and develop in the market competition, each mold manufacturer has its own advantageous technology and products, and adopts professional production methods. Many small enterprises have achieved good benefits by adhering to the specialized production path of small and specialized, small and refined, and small and special. Secretary General Wang Jinling believes that the development of domestic mold enterprises should clarify their own direction and goals, do not blindly develop, do not pay attention to formalism, and be small and specialized, small and refined enterprises

fourth, mold enterprises should appropriately expand on the basis of strengthening

these enterprises, in the past, accumulated bit by bit by themselves. They bought several equipment this year and built several factories next year, and gradually developed in a rolling manner. But now the times are different. It is the business information age, and the Internet has entered thousands of households as a hotbed of innovation. But why is it only accepted by young people and not recognized by middle-aged entrepreneurs? Why not use e-commerce to integrate with the international market? Let our business owners receive domestic and foreign orders without leaving home, and let foreigners or manufacturers who want to cooperate with you find you on the Internet. Why not? Our entire Taizhou enterprises, especially small enterprises, still have a weak awareness of networking, which is a stumbling block to the development of our enterprises. If we want to break this stumbling block, our enterprise bosses should start learning computers and mastering the Internet, which is a shortcut to successfully go abroad and go global

fifth, focus on the strength of the alliance

in today's increasingly homogeneous competition, the supporting services of products are the embodiment of the soft power of enterprises. Mold enterprises should pay more attention to the training of sales personnel, pay attention to after-sales service, and provide personalized services to create a good reputation and consolidate the development of the market. You should know more about the market before entering a region. Many foreign mold enterprises conducted detailed and comprehensive investigation and analysis before entering the Chinese market, based on scientific data, rather than following suit. The location and price setting of their enterprises are very scientific, which shows that successful enterprises do not follow their feelings, but a combination of sensibility and rationality

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