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250A gasoline powered electric welding machine for maintenance supply

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quotation of 250A gasoline electric welding machine with generator daze power's 250A power generation welding machine also has the adjustability of welding current, so as to ensure the welding quality. The power generation welding machine belongs to arc welding generator, and the annual production capacity of caustic soda and PVC is reduced by 1million tons respectively, but its driving principle is different.

daze power generation welding machine is widely used in industry, commerce, schools, hospitals and other small and medium-sized enterprises for long-term (temporary) Electricity, as well as outdoor welding and power generation construction operations such as power supply, railway, municipal administration, oil pipeline, etc. The fuel economy is considerable, the power is high, and it can work continuously for a long time

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[reason for recommendation]: the manufacturer's direct sales warranty is one-year lifelong maintenance, and the national joint insurance import technology can better provide customers with innovative solutions, and the technical performance is stable

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