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Shandong inner guide pillar supplier - inner guide sleeve - Hardware mechanical mold, non-standard mold

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the use of mold high-speed machining tools is high speed and high feed speed, and the cutting method completes the process of multiple production molds. The advantages of mold high-speed processing are mainly shown in the following aspects: most new products of inner guide pillar suppliers have the characteristics of high wear resistance, high fatigue and high precision. The structure forms a micro chain and a variety of conveyor chains, anchor chains and speed chains. Wear resistant, heat-resistant, plastic and oil powder metallurgy materials are used in the materials, which further improves the efficiency

in the process of machining, in addition to ensuring the size and shape accuracy of the fitting surface of the guide post and guide sleeve, it is also necessary to ensure the coaxiality requirements between the fitting surfaces. The mating surface of the guide post is easy to wear, and there should be certain hardness requirements. Before finishing, heat treatment procedures should be arranged to achieve the required hardness. The stamping die manufacturer of the inner guide pillar supplier pointed out that the operation of the forming die is very difficult, and it is necessary to use various local deformation methods to change the shape of the rough embryo, including convex forming die, curling forming die, necking forming die, hole flange forming die, circular edge forming die, etc., in order to achieve a shorter cycle and higher output

when the die punch structure allows, the corners of each surface of the die punch parts should be designed as a fillet transition as far as possible to avoid stress concentration; For female dies, cavities and some male dies and cores, combined or needle inserted structures can be used to eliminate stress concentration. For slender male dies or cores, appropriate protective measures should be taken in the structure. If the supplier of inner guide post wants to use guide sleeve, you need to use edge guide or template. You need to set the size of the template to be slightly larger or smaller than the workpiece. The template can be made of any material

check whether the environment of the work site is clean. If the work site is clean and bright, you can add points, otherwise reduce points. A factory that makes the work site like a garbage dump can't expect him to have high requirements for what he produces. CAE simulation technology of the inner guide pillar supplier refers to the stamping process, which is an important aspect of the processing and manufacturing design of high-end automobile stamping dies. It has the ability to predict the stamping defects of dies, so as to optimize the stamping process and die structure of automobile dies, improve the design and reliable performance of automobile dies, and reduce the time of die testing

after inspecting and manufacturing the test mold, it is necessary to test the mold in order to check the state and structure of the mold parts. The hardware punch of the inner guide post supplier has a certain running space; Check whether the power supply voltage connected to the experimental machine is normal. The design of pressure parts ensures that under normal use, the requirements for dimensional accuracy and surface roughness grade are as low as possible, and the exchanged products reduce waste and ensure the stability of product quality

in the production process of the whole mold part, the plastic material generally meets the requirements of cleanliness and the production of raw materials because of its lighter quality. All these are related to the smooth development of the work, the frequency of the punching thimble, the smooth position of the punching thimble work, and the natural life will be extended. In order to control the cost, the manufacturer is also very important. All kinds of mold problems will occur. Only in practical work can we make specific analysis and solutions according to the problems. In order to prolong the service life, we need to do a thorough overhaul at the end of the year, which can meet the actual requirements. The supplier of the inner guide post installs the guide post: install the spring, cage the guide post of the brake, and then insert the guide post into the guide sleeve. Place a punch seat on a parallel block and position the die seat on it so that the die seat does not contact the roller guide or ball guide

this process should, if possible, include the manufacturing technology team to determine how a tool or mold should be designed to operate normally in the molding equipment that will be prepared from this part. The heat treatment of the inner guide post supplier is to cut out the first round bar of rough machining, high-frequency furnace or salt bath, and then place it in the furnace heated to 800 to 1300 degrees Celsius, stay for 2 to 5 minutes, cool and harden with oil, and then fine quench the needle hardness up to HV. Then tempering at low temperature

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