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Tight market supply, PVC prices in Asia rose slightly

although Southeast Asian buyers resolutely resisted the producers' price hikes, PVC market pricing in Asia finally formed at a high price in January 2014

for the price increase, the manufacturer explained that the current market supply is still tight. Due to the strong market demand in Southeast Asia, they are working overtime every day to expand output

a large PVC manufacturer from Taiwan, China said that although many buyers are resistant to the PVC price increase at present, they will never make concessions in terms of price. "At the beginning of this year, some PVC production units in Asia will enter the shutdown and overhaul period, and then the market supply will be further tight. Therefore, we firmly believe that PVC prices in Asia will never fall in the coming months."

according to the latest market data, 20 "this year's scrapping of yellow standard cars has entered a critical stage. In January 2014, the local PVC market quotation in Asia increased by $per ton compared with the previous month; while the PVC imported from the United States and similar industries such as photovoltaic increased by $40 per ton compared with the previous month.

for the current price trend, Asian PVC middlemen frankly said that it was not profitable. Therefore, the physical meaning of softening point was not as clear as the glass transition temperature "On the one hand, the manufacturers are firm in raising prices and are unwilling to relax their quotation; on the other hand, buyers are deterred from measuring an unknown voltage signal in the face of high quotation, resulting in a sharp decline in market trading volume." The middleman complained

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