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Summary of supply and demand in the domestic coating industry trading market and market information summary

1. Market summary: 1. The hot products purchased this week, regions and proportions constitute the hot products purchased this week. The film-forming substances (resins, lotion) account for 30% of the whole week's purchase volume, pigments and fillers account for 25%, additives account for 20%, solvents account for 10%, finished coatings account for 10%, and coating production equipment account for 5%. Hot procurement areas are concentrated in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangsu, accounting for 30%, 20%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 5% of the whole week's procurement volume respectively, and other regions account for 15%. 1.2 fluctuations in raw material prices A. in the first ten days of September, the titanium dioxide Market in East China bottomed out. 5. Put the packing belt on both ends of the fixture and make it vertical to the ground by controlling the upper and lower displacement of the fixture; In early September, the price of titanium dioxide in East China (R9 is used to meet the application needs of various projects) rose from 18114 yuan/ton in early September to 18214 yuan/ton. The market supply is relatively sufficient, and the price is still low. Aftermarket low oscillation. B. Cyanate crylcoat powder coating resin price increase in October

cyanate industries announced that it would increase the price of crylcoat powder dry powder coating resin in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, effective from October 1, 2006

2. Key information recommendation:

2.1 purchase information:

Wanming chemical industry bank, Henggang Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen

thermoplastic acrylic resin, general resin

Laiwu Bluestar Chemical Co., Ltd.

water soluble antirust pigment

Beijing Yanxin Technology Development Co., Ltd.

aluminum powder, lotion Color paste

Shanghai Xinli coating Co., Ltd.

quartz sand

Yantai stanpu Precision Construction Co., Ltd.

aluminum powder, boron bentonite, organic waterproof agent

Dongguan Jinbao rubber Industry Co., Ltd.

lotion, rosin, terpene resin, SIS, EVA

Technology Department of Guangzhou Pearl River Fine Chemical Plant

catalyst, resin, alcohol acrylic lotion, styrene acrylic lotion

Weida marine paint Co., Ltd.

wetting dispersant Aluminum tripolyphosphate

Hangzhou Jikai Trading Co., Ltd.

fluorosilicone lotion and ethylene glycol. The cause of this failure is that the contact point of the reversing switch is burned and ablated

3 Hot shopping keywords this week:


last week

this week



titanium dioxide


titanium dioxide











4. Industry Exhibition and conference information:

a, 2007 China International epoxy resin curing agent exhibition

b The fourth China International paint coating protection technology exhibition

C, "2006 epoxy resin new technology seminar" was held in October

D, the national steel structure corrosion prevention and coating technology symposium

5, industry information:

A, Hansen standardized ink product pricing in North America

b, Lida silicone color waterproof coating project passed the appraisal

C The latest development trend of special packaging box coating and coating technology

d, Shandong large paint enterprises once again jointly raise the price by 5%

e, Fuzhou ink factory wants 11.44 million "wedding clothes" to find a new husband

6, the price of coating raw materials:

a, high water-resistant styrene acrylic lotion lwd-006 price: 10600 yuan

b, zinc oxide 99.70% banana price: 12000 yuan

c, [promotion] the price of exterior wall color paste carbon black: 28 yuan


d The price of pure acrylic lotion bc-3266: 13000 yuan

e, the factory price of domestic organic toluene on September 15

f, the factory price of domestic organic pure benzene on September 15

g, the domestic factory price of acrylic acid on September 15

h, the factory price of domestic organic xylene on September 15

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