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On September, 2008, the national simultaneous impact value organized by the China Consulting Corporation of the supervision organization showed the maximum value and locked the supervision experts of the "energy saving and new energy vehicles" of the 863 plan of the eleventh five year plan to come to puchuan for inspection and guidance

the members of the expert group carefully inspected the R & D center, motor system laboratory, motor production line and controller production line of Dalian puchuan science and technology research group. The group leader Zhang Haijie made a report on the implementation of the project in 2008, and Harbin Institute of technology and Dalian Institute of technology also reported on the relevant research work. 2. Ball screw: the screws currently used in the tensile testing machine include ball screw and trapezoidal screw. The expert group affirmed the progress and achievements made by the research team, pointed out the existing problems, and gave practical suggestions. It hoped that Dalian puchuan technology could successfully complete the 863 plan, see their spiritual plan, and continue to make contributions to the R & D and production of key components of energy-saving and new energy vehicles

about puchuan:

puchuan technology is a high-tech enterprise invested by many shareholders. With Shenzhen and Dalian as the center, it has established a production, logistics and service network that radiates across the country. Based on the advantages of Japanese Toshiba and Taiwan technology, relying on Tsinghua University and other universities and the strong R & D strength of our company, we provide customers with a variety of functional motors and automatic a D products through advanced production and inspection equipment, such as AC frequency converters, motor soft starters, servo motors and electrical but high profit sources, stepping motors and controllers, motor environmental protection and energy saving devices, automatic control systems of production lines, etc. The products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia

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