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Activity Preview: yacon technology 2005 Jilin new technology seminar

Dear Sir:

what is the natural environment and operation method for the installation of steel bar bending experimental machine

welcome to participate in the configuration king 2005 spring Jilin new technology seminar jointly held by Beijing yacon company and Beihua University, and work with many people in the industrial control industry. Here is a special chemical company Langsheng new technology for many useful utilization seminars, Share industry application solutions and pay attention to the latest hot spots in the industry

the main topics of this seminar are:

Introduction to yacon technology series products

sharing of new technologies of Kingview in 2005 - the latest research and development achievements of embedded software, etc.

Kingview in metallurgy, coal Wonderful playback of typical applications in measurement and other industries

the following is the specific schedule of the session:

14:: 20 sign in

14:: 30 introduction to Beijing Yakong Technology Development Co., Ltd.

14:: 15 Yakong technology series new products, new technology sharing

15:: 35 special guest speech: application of Advantech products

15:: 25 Kingview metallurgy, coal Wonderful playback of typical applications in measurement and other industries

16:: 50 release of new products of yacon technology

16:: 00 interactive Q & a time

17:00 end of the meeting

Northeast China traveling seminar this site Jilin, date: May 18. The location is in the lecture hall on the first floor of the Third Teaching Department of Beihua University. We sincerely invite you to attend this grand meeting in your busy schedule! Please confirm the time of participation, fill in the following receipt and fax or e-mail to:

: (010) 8 after understanding the precautions and characteristics of the rubber tensile strength testing machine, extension 183

Fax: (010)

e-mail: an@

Contact: Miss Qian

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