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Preview of K show 2013: reifenhuser, Germany, will launch a new extruder

reifenhuser, a German extruder manufacturer, will show a new machine at k show 2013. It is said that this device will deliver a new extrusion concept

the machine for circulating lubrication of all moving parts was developed by reifenhus in the Extrusion Technology Department of China Er group and will be unveiled for the first time at the K exhibition held in October this year

Ulrich reifenhuser, general manager of the company, said at the meeting held this week that the new machine has higher performance and better energy-saving benefits because it has high-efficiency carbon layer protection and plays a protective role in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization in China

the low melting temperature of the new machine means higher output, reifenhuser said, and the new transmission will effectively reduce energy consumption

in addition, reifenhuser pointed out that the company will also exhibit the new blowing film leveling technology evolution ultra flat system in this k exhibition, "which is more efficient and energy-saving than other systems on the market at present"

the company also plans to invest 20million euros before K exhibition to improve the R & D capacity of trosdorf R & D center

with regard to the trade progress in the past 12 months, Bernd reifenhuser, chairman of the company, described it as "complex", saying that this year's sales are unlikely to reach 450million euros as in 2011

but he added that at present, the group's sustainable operation ability is still optimistic and has been on track

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