Preventive measures for the hottest carbon monoxid

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Preventive measures for carbon monoxide poisoning

first, existing problems

Tengyuan Suancigou construction team and repair shop. In winter, some workers use coal stoves for heating. However, due to abnormal climate, low air pressure, poor ventilation in the room and improper use of coal stoves for heating by residents' families, bungalow residents who use coal stoves for heating are prone to carbon monoxide poisoning accidents due to blocked chimneys, smoke pouring, closed doors and windows, and pressing the stove before going to bed. Staying in the closed motor vehicle with the air conditioner stopped and turned on for a long time, gas poisoning usually refers to carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is colorless and tasteless, lighter than the air at the beginning of 2017, and easy to burn. The combustion is blue when it is industrialized and trial produced in close cooperation with Southwest Aluminum Corporation of China and Beijing Institute of aeronautical materials. If the content of carbon monoxide in the air reaches 0.04% - 0.06%, people can be poisoned

in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of carbon monoxide poisoning accidents, ensure the safety and health of employees' living and heating, and ensure the safety of residents' heating in winter. Formulate the following measures

II. Implementation time of measures November 2013 April 2014

III. implementation unit and inspection department

implementation unit construction team. Inspection department: Tengyuan Suancigou mine department

IV. promotion measures

(I) carry out safety inspection and comprehensively eliminate hidden dangers. Carry out a door-to-door safety inspection of heating facilities and ventilation conditions to ensure that no dead corners are left and no household is left out. Those who do not meet the conditions for safe heating shall be ordered to correct immediately and eliminate potential safety hazards in a timely manner

(II) widely publicize and educate and popularize safety knowledge., Widely publicize the health knowledge of preventing carbon monoxide poisoning and the common sense of safe coal burning, remind the staff to pay attention to maintaining ventilation in the operating steps of the room spring tension and compression tester in the winter and spring seasons with frequent climate changes, prevent carbon monoxide from accumulating and causing poisoning, and enhance the safety awareness and self rescue ability

(III) strengthen department cooperation and do a good job in monitoring. All relevant departments should strengthen coordination and cooperation, report information in time, and do a good job in prevention and control. All construction teams should strengthen the supervision and inspection of workers' families, discover and eliminate potential accidents in time, improve ventilation, anti-virus and other safety facilities, prevent poisoning accidents, pay more attention to weather changes, and timely remind the public to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

(IV) attach great importance to and strengthen leadership. The relevant departments of each construction team firmly establish the awareness of "no trivial matter for the masses and no trivial matter for safety", attach great importance to it, strengthen leadership, clarify the division of labor, strengthen supervision, comprehensively implement various prevention and measures, and earnestly do a good job in the prevention and control of carbon monoxide poisoning accidents to ensure the safety of people's lives and property

(V) eliminate the use of coal stoves for heating from the source as far as possible. There is heating contraction: the maximum force, contraction strength, yield strength, elastic modulus and other rooms should be arranged as far as possible. How to prevent and maintain air circulation is the key, to avoid poisoning, the key is to maintain room air circulation; When the weather turns warm and the air pressure is low, you must wait until the coal is completely burnt out before falling asleep

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