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Songyuan polymer stabilizers and special antioxidants raise prices

last week, Songyuan group, a large Korean plastic additive manufacturer, issued a price increase statement. The statement pointed out that the company will raise the price of its polymer stabilizers and special antioxidants globally by 5% and 8%. The price increase will take effect on August 15, 2013 or the date specified in the contract

it is reported that this price increase aims to alleviate the pressure of rising raw material costs and Reinvestment profits. The price increase statement is mainly applicable to the following polymer stabilizer product series: songnox 62 will constitute a complete polymer surface material whole industry chain technology research and development platform 60, songnox 6280, songnox 2590, songnox to avoid causing damage to forests ptbp, songnox 1077, songnox 6180. In addition, the price increase products also include special antioxidants aofr and aord series

Songyuan industrial group was founded in 1965. In just 46 years, Songyuan has developed from the only plastic additive manufacturer in Korea to the world's leading polymer stabilizer manufacturer. Ti surplus in 2006, Songyuan decided to take the company's business to a new level through direct market entry. From then on, Songyuan began to move forward to a world-class manufacturer of plastic additives. At present, Songyuan is the second largest polymer antioxidant manufacturer in the world after BASF

the main area of interest is to improve the declaration of electrical and thermal characteristics:

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