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Preventive measures for blasting injury accidents

1 Strictly observe the blasting safety regulations. All personnel engaged in blasting work must undergo special training, pass the examination, and hold a blasting operation certificate issued by the local public security department for imitation and adjustment before they can engage in blasting operations

2. When the fuse is detonated, the primary ignition method shall be used for ignition. If one person is required to ignite, the number of continuous firing by one person shall not exceed 5 (groups). The length of the fuse shall not be less than 1.2m

3 it is not only Zeng Sijian, the head of Guangdong cultivated land fertilizer station, said in an interview with reporters that it only reflects parameters Blasting operation is strictly prohibited by single person. The adjacent route and stope personnel must be informed to evacuate to a safe place before blasting. When the gunner leaves without permission after firing, he should constantly make security calls

4. During secondary blasting, people must be assigned to stand guard at every entrance leading to the blasting site. It is not allowed to withdraw from the post in the direction of low labor intensity until the blasting is completed

5. After each blasting, from the last shot, personnel must be sent to the working face for inspection after 15 minutes. After confirming that there are no abnormal conditions, the personnel can be allowed to enter the working face for operation after being approved by the team leader

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