The hottest 2009 Power Industry Development Summit

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The 2009 Power Industry Development Summit Forum was held in Shenzhen

the "2009 Power Industry Development Summit Forum" co sponsored by CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. and China power society and co organized by Tianjin zhongyuantong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the osmanthus hall on the fifth floor of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on June 19, 2009

with the theme of "innovation, energy conservation, integration and upgrading", this summit forum invited more than 350 leaders of the time committee of the Ministry of industry and information technology, industry experts, enterprise leaders, representatives of users in the government, telecommunications, manufacturing, finance, energy and other industries to participate in the forum, and discussed the development status and trends of the power industry, the industry development environment, innovative technologies, and the successful experience of leading enterprises, Analyze the development status of China's power industry market, perspective the industry development trend and new opportunities for market development, promote the operation experience of advanced enterprises in the industry, and start from the hot spots and focus of current users, deeply excavate and jointly discuss good strategies to promote the healthy and stable development of China's power industry

as a high-level seminar in the power industry, authority and industry orientation have always been the highlights and hot spots of the conference. At the summit forum, China power supply society made a report on the theme of "development status and trend of China's power industry", CCID consultants made an in-depth report on the theme of "status and trend of China's UPS market" and "opportunities and challenges coexist in China's communication power market", while Changchun, APC, ZTE, Emerson The top leaders of excellent power supply enterprises at home and abroad, such as kestar, delivered wonderful speeches on their successful experiences in the power industry around the theme of the conference

based on the research accumulation of CCID consultants on China's power industry and its market segments for many years, by objectively analyzing the competitiveness, operation mechanism, brand reputation, market share, financial status, internal operation effectiveness and other indicators of major enterprises in various fields, CPM matrix analysis method was used to select the leading enterprises in China's power industry in 2009 2009 China's power industry excellent solutions and 20 instrument operation 09 China's power industry excellent green products because it adopts electro-hydraulic servo control technology. Among them, China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Co., Ltd. won the "2009 China PC power leading (domestic) Enterprise Award" for its good performance in China's PC power market, while Schneider's APC company won the "2009 China UPS market leading (International) enterprise award to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles" for its good performance in China's UPS power market

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